Presentation at the Anarchism and collective responsibility conference, University of Antwerp, March 2023.

Presentation at the Reproductive Justice conference, University of Cambridge, April 2023.

Presentation at the Normal Labour and Birth conference, UK, April 2023.

Presentation at the Abortion and Borders conference, Kings College London, April 2023


Presentation “Liberating the Captive Maternal” at the Philosophy of Birth workshop at the University for Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, February 10 2023.

Presentation “Obstetric Abolition” at the ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) seminar on abolition, University of Amsterdam, January 31 2023.

Lecture “The Pregnant Posthuman”, LOVA Winterschool “Motherhood & Feminisms”, Amsterdam, NL, December 18 2022.

Masterclass “Obstetric Violence” for Midwives, Vraag de Vroedvrouw, November 8 2022.

Lecture “Laying Bare the Haunted Postpartum for a Gestational Justice-To-Come” in the lecture series “Breaking the Frame: Obstetric Violence Dialogues”. University of Pretoria, South Africa, July 2022

Presentation at Rosi Braidotti’s Farewell Symposium, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2022. 

Panel “Feminist Futures and the Question of Birth” & presentation: “Reproductive Justice Reconceived in Abolitionist and Anarchofeminist Futures” at the Reproductive Futures Conference, Tampere University, Finland, June 2022.

Presentation at the Signs of Life conference, Leiden, NL, April 2022.

Lecture “The Pregnant Posthuman: Hacking the modern subject through natality, fertility and birth” at the Malmö Art Acadamy, February 2022.

Presentation on postcolonial and care-ethical perspectives on obstetric violence, Medical Humanities initiative, Koç University, Istanbul, TR, October 2021.

Class on care-ethics and intersectionality, University for Humanistic Studies, Care Ethics Department, Utrecht, NL, October 2021.

Presentation on obstetric violence & abolition. Politics of Reproduction conference, CAPPE, University of Brighton, UK, September 2021.

Lecture on birth, postpartum psychosis and the spirit of the revolution, Moeder op drift symposium, Stichting Psychiatrie en Filosofie, NL, June 2021.

“Resisting Negation: Building Solidarity with the Maternal” panel and presentation on obstetric violence and the maternal at the Care Ethics Conference, Toronto, CA, May 2021.

Lecture on obstetric violence, White Ribbon Symposium, Amsterdam, NL, March 2020.

Class on obstetric violence. Master Care-Ethics, University for Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, NL, June 2020 & 2021.

Presentation on obstetric violence, EACME, Oxford, UK, September 2019.

Lecture on the genealogy of midwifery and obstetric violence, Nordic Conference of Midwifery, Reykjavik, IS, May 2019.

Lecture on the philosophy of pregnancy, Brainwash festival, Amsterdam, NL, October 2018.

Lecture on the philosophy of pregnancy, Concerning Maternity Symposium, University for Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, NL, 2017.

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