The Politics of Midwifery

Contractions is a podcast about the politics of midwifery. All contractions address the analysis and practical change of one political issue surrounding childbirth, such as obstetric or reproductive violence, care, workload, sexism or racism. Every contraction is necessary to cope with in order to arrive at the birth of a midwifery care wherein all pregnant people feel free, safe, and emotionally and physically supported. Contractions’ aim is to start an international dialogue with midwives globally, to recognise our issues as shared issues, and to learn from each others visions, critiques and practices.

Contraction V: Self-Care with Madyasa Vijber

Contraction IV: Inequity with Bahareh Goodarzi

Contraction III: Obstetric Violence with Michelle Sadler

Contraction II: Crisis with Rebecca Ashley

Contraction I: Power/Knowledge with Elizabeth Newnham


One-hour interview on the podcast Mama’en on autonomy and self-determination in birth, 2023.

One-hour interview on Dutch public radio (NPO1, Human, Brainwash) on abortion, birth, and obstetric violence, 2022.

Interview voor de podcast “Lijfspraak” van Filosofie Oost West over abortus, zwangerschap, obstetrisch geweld en een nieuwe geboortezorg, 2022.

Interview with Rachelle Chadwick, together with Kaveri Mayra, Bodies that Birth Book Club, Ask the Author I, 2021.

Episode in podcast Verwachting, Slaa 2018.

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